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SDLG introduction

Initially founded in 1972, Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (SDLG) is a national large-sized backbone enterprise in construction machinery industry and is listed in Top 100 China’s Enterprises in Mechanical Industry and listed as a national-level high-tech enterprise. The leading products include earth-moving scraper and excavator series, road machinery series, mining truck series, and small-sized construction machinery series.

SDLG undertakes the core concept of “Reliability in Action” and strives through continual innovation to provide more reliable products and services and maximize the sustained value return to the customers. SDLG established state-level R&D center and postdoctoral workstation, undertook multiple scientific research tasks of National 863 Program and provincial-level programs, and obtained more than 50 national patents. SDLG maintains good cooperation relationship with domestic key colleges and universities and research institutes and established open and efficient technical cooperation and innovation system.

SDLG boasts advanced production facilities and complete management system, passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification, and obtained the Export Product Quality License and the qualification certificate for import & export enterprise. With high quality and excellent services, the SDLG’s products are distributed to all regions nationwide and are exported to scores of countries and regions.

“Building a globalized SDLG and establishing a trustworthy brand”, SDLG will always insist on the product diversification strategy centered on construction machinery, push the continual improvement, continually enrich the production lineup, promote the product quality and brand reputation, and build a domestic first-class and international renowned construction machinery base.


Look to the whole tend, Chinese wheel loader market go on to the forward and stable tend; the few company with advantage will occupy the leading position in Chinese wheel loader market, and gain the profit. The Chinese wheel loader market will continue change in the future.

The statistic data show: in the term from Jan to Sep in 2012, Chinese main 28 wheel Loader Company total sale 138341 units, fall 27.99% compare on year-on-year base. Compared with 2011, the tend fall 30.04% in Mar, 2012, from that time the tend keep falling. Especially in Aug, and Sep, the fall is the biggest. But, compare last month, the Set rise 7.13%. It is first stop fall and rise. Compare the last three years, every Aug and Sep will rise, this is normal situation.

Look to the sale of the Chinese wheel loader company, most brand sale are falling compared year-on-year, only Shantui, Heli, Cat, and so on, the few brand rose compare year-on-year. From Jan to Sep, 2012, Liugong total sell more than 25000 units. The SDLG, Longong follow it. Sale is all more than 20000 units. The sale structure show, the 3 tons and 5 tons are the main sale wheel loader.

SDLG market share rise quickly in 2012 that is the biggest feature in Chinese wheel loader market. From they add to VOLVO group, SDLG have get the quickly development, not only achieve to the fist group from the second group, and also the sale almost overtake LIUGONG, their market only has 1% different, and keep one big distance with the following company, it show the tend to become the NO. 1 in Chinese wheel loader. SDLG quickly development knock the alarm bell of other brands.

Look to the district sale, the tend in 2012 follow the 2011 tend, the north of china still take the bigger sale share. The statistics data show, from Jan to Sep in 2011, the top five districts are the SHANDONG, HENAN, SHANXI, HEBEI AND INNER MONGOLIA. From Jan to Sep in 2012, the top five districts are SHANDONG, HENAN, INNER MONGOLIA, SHANXI AND JIANGSU. In 2012, HEBEI sale reduce 4000 units, from the fourth in 2011 fall to seventh in 2012. Although JIANGSU sale reduce 500 units in 2012, it raise the position to fifth.

From Jan to Sep in 2012, the 28 wheel loader companies total export 22926 units, raise 21.05% compared year-on-year. Specially the September, export 2391 units, raise 10.9% compared year-on-year, raised 11.47 compared with last moth. Look to the export wheel loader, similar with the domestic situation. 3 tons and 5 tons wheel loader are the main exporting product, except the wheel loader lower than one ton export reduce, other wheel loader has big raise. Especially the skid loader raise 200% compared year-on-year, with the biggest raise range. In the export company, the SDLG has the sale number, achieved 4105 units, and the XCMG has the biggest raise range.

From 2010, the export of Chinese wheel loader keep the raise tend, the export proportion has obviously rise, it show the Chinese wheel loader brand international competitive keeping the raise tend, the pull function of international market for the whole industry sale is raised. One hand, after the Chinese wheel loader open the international market by the good cost performance, they show the tend that they are nearly to the international famous brand from the technical, research, design. Another hand, the Chinese wheel loader company are active opening the south East Asian, Africa, etc, developing country market, and the middle and low grade model take the biggest market share. In the future, the Chinese wheel loader company should raise the product’s reliability, apply the international certificate, strengthen the research and design, and achieve the localization of the research, manufacturer, products, and management step by step.

we supply chinese top brand Wheel Loader Brands: SDLG wheel loader,SEM Wheel Loader, XCMG wheel loader, Spare Parts available as well.

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