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Product--Chinese Tractor--SH804 Chinese Tractor:

SH804 Chinese Tractor:

Chinese tractor sh804

Appearance and structure characteristics:

ShuHe sh804 wheeled tractor innovative design, design fully considered the properties of the match and the driver s operation, the beautiful appearance, comfort the stream line. The newly designed cover parts,it make tractor integral style clean-cut, curve fluently stretch. The instrument and instrument platform base are using close, the appearance is orderly. The battery is used to ensure that the tractor frame structure, simple in structure, stiffness big, and reduced the weight of the tractor. More comprehensive design transmission, adapt to the speed of variousof agricultural work s requirements, in order to meet the needs of the various process ,convenient to operate, driving safety and comfortable flexible. Suspension devices using rear three suspension type,it can satisfy the need of agricultural supporting work device requirements.

Function and use:

ShuHe wheeled tractor can be mainly used for dry land homework, and mating large agricultural facilities, high production efficiency, widely used in the large farms in xinjiang and northeast of the deepening and crop planting land and intertillage fertilization, hay mechanization and material transportation,,the more suitable for agricultural and double entry form a complete set once completed a number of processes to homework.In addition, mating corresponding equipment can accomplish work rural farmland leveling, water conservancy construction and engineering machinery, etc .

SH804 Chinese Tractor specifications:

NO. item Parameter
1 Model SH804
2 Overall dimensions L×W×H 4290×2100×2810MM
3 Wheel track F:1610/R:1620 mm
4 Wheel base F/R adjustment method no adjustmen / Have adjustmen
5 Min Ground Clearance 379mm
6 Min operation weight 3900kg
7 Counter weight Front270/back480kg
8 Number of gear (forward/reverse/number crawling) 8/4/12
9 Maximum traction 18.6KN
10 Engine model LR4B5-T90A
11 Engine Inspiratory way Normally aspirated
12 Number of cylinders 4
13 Engine Bore Dia×stroke 108×135
14 Engine Rated power/ 59kw
15 Engine Rated speed 2300r/min
16 Steering system type Hydraulic steering
17 Brake system type Mechanical manipulation
18 Clutch type Dry, monolithic, double role type
19 Minimum turning radius 4.9±0.3m
20 walking system Tire model front/rear 11.2-24/16.9-34
21 walking system Tire pressure front/rear 118~137/118~137kPa
22 Working device hanging installation three rear suspension
23 Frame maximum lifting force 15kN
24 Adjustment methods Force a comprehensive control and floating control
25 Hydraulic output device M18×1.5 joint 1 (1-2 piece multitandem valve,select)
26 Power output shaft type Separate type
27 Power output shaft speed 1000(select760)r/min
28 Power output shaft power 50.2kw

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We supply chinese tractor brand: YTO tractor , SH tractor . and our SH tractor have many advantage: SH tractor price is low and quanlity is good.

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