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Product--Chinese Backhoe loader --WZ30-25 :

WZ30-25 Chinese Backhoe loader :

Chinese backhoe loader WZ30-25

WZ30-25 Chinese Backhoe loader specificaiton:

Chinese Backhoe loader WZ30-25 Overall Dimension:
NO. item Parameter
1 Length 6000mm
2 Width 2300mm
3 Height 3760mm
4 Wheel base 2250mm
5 Min ground clearance 30°/25°
6 Min. ground clearance 300mm

Chinese Backhoe loader WZ30-25 Main Technical Specificaion:
NO. item Parameter
1 system pressure 18Mpa
2 Dig hydraulic system 20Mpa
3 System flow more 25KN
4 Rated load bucket capacity 120L/min
5 Type four-wheel drive ,whole hydraulic system
6 maximum speed 22Km/h
7 maximum gradient capacity 30°
8 Operation weight 7600kg

Chinese Backhoe loader WZ30-25 Main loading technical specification:
NO. item Parameter
1 loading bucket capacity 1CBM
2 rated loading 2500KG
3 maximum articulated height of bucket 3400mm
4 bucket discharge height 2795mm
5 bucket discharge distance 1048mm
6 loading lift capacity 25KN
7 bucket hydraulic translation function yes
8 bucket lift time 6.8s
9 bucket lower time 2.5s
10 bucket discharge time 1.2s
11 maximum traction force 39KN
12 maximum breakout force 38KN

Chinese Backhoe loader WZ30-25 Main digging technical specification:
NO. item Parameter
1 backacter bucket capacity 0.3CBM
2 backacter discharge height 3878mm
3 maximum digging depth 4080mm
4 maximum digging radius 5688mm
5 bucket slewing angle 190°
6 bucket digging capacity 46K
7 backacter bucket capacity 0.3CBM

Chinese Backhoe loader WZ30-25 Diesel engine:
NO. item Parameter
1 Model Cummins 4BTA3.9-C100
2 Type Direct injection, turbocharged water cooling
3 Rated output >74kw
4 Total exhaust of cylinder 4.5L
5 Inter-bore of cylinder 110
6 Rated speed 2200r/min
7 Max. torque 310N.M
8 Starting type Electric
9 Min specific fuel consumption 245g/kw.h

Chinese Backhoe loader WZ30-25 Transmission system-torque converter:
NO. item Parameter
1 Model fixed shaft power shift transmission
2 gear shift 2forward shift 2 reverse shift
3 torque YJ-280
4 drive pump CDXaf3016-IL
5 flow 16ml/r
6 work steering pump CBGj2063
7 flow 63ml/r

Chinese Backhoe loader WZ30-25 Steering system:
NO. item Parameter
1 Model articulated hydraulic steering
2 model of steering control valve BZZ5-250
3 model of turning control valve YSF25S-00
4 steering angle left or right 36±1°
5 minimum turning radius 5018mm

Chinese Backhoe loader WZ30-25 Axle and tire:
NO. item Parameter
1 main transmission type single reduction
2 wheel reduction type wheel reduction
3 tire size 16/70-20
4 front wheel pressure 0.22Mpa
5 service braking air over hydraulic disc on 4 wheel
6 parking brake manual parking brake

Chinese Backhoe loader WZ30-25 Refill Capacity:
NO. item Parameter
1 fuel tank 70L
2 transmission 25L
3 front axle 9KG
4 rear axle 9KG
5 hydraulic tank 140L

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