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LG933 wheel loader

Sunyo Machinery Co.,Limited professionally export Chinese construction machinery and agriculture machinery. For example:

Wheel Loader, Excavator , Bulldozer, Motor Grader, Tractor, Walking tractor......

We started the construction machinery and agriculture machinery exporting business from 2002. We have more than ten years experience of the construction machinery and agriculture machinery exporting, and we also focus on clients need. We hope to ensure our clients can get what they need, not what we think they should need. First, we take the time to listen, assess clients’ requirements, and help the client to find the equipments that clients need. If our clients feel uncomfortable with the equipments, we shall not clients buy it. Now,our clients are from more than 30 countries in the world, we are one of the leading exporters of construction equipments and agriculture machinery in china.

The main construction machinery that we export are the wheel loader, excavator, backhoe loader, bulldozer, motor grader, truck crane, and so on. And we also supply the spare parts to our clients. The equipments brand includes the SDLG, SEM, JCM, XCMG, HBXG, YTO and so on.

The main agriculture machinery that we export are the four wheels tractor, walking tractor, and the implements, for example, the trailer, the plough, the power tiller, the harvester, the seeder, and so on. Of course we also supply the spare parts form them.

Our sale team is knowledgeable, skilled, dependable, dedicated, focused on customer satisfaction.

Parts sale

We sale the spare parts for the construction machinery. Main include SDLG wheel loader parts, SEM wheel loader parts, JCM excavator parts, YTO wheel loader parts, backhoe loader spare parts, motor grader spare parts, truck crane spare parts, and the agricultural machinery spare parts, the SH tractor spare parts, the SH walking spare parts, and so on.

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